Digital touch points

Digital touch points

Customer Journey tracks paid media on paid platforms and all the inbound traffic on your web sites.
Paid media are your digital campaigns, sponsored contents on search, display, native, video, email, social and chat channels. Customer Journey analyses every customer’s click and ad impressions on these paid channels. It tracks all the inbound activities on your web site – your content and blogs that they consumed, pricing and product features they are interested.

The system can track in-store sales by integrating offline sales data into their past digital journey.
Irrespective of online or offline sales, Customer Journey marries sales dollar value, product category, customer segment, discount and shipping details to give a full picture of purchasers’ journey – from marketing to sales.

The level of details from Customer Journey are most granular. It includes duration of journey, sequence of channels used, campaign and product category matches etc

Knowing what campaigns drives conversion on your site, you will be able to optimise your marketing spend, refine your content, and increase your marketing ROI.