Purchasers’ journey

Your customers connect with your brand with on multiple channels. Throughout their purchase journey, they may have seen your brand on social, or read about the product benefits in blogs, native or display ads or on paid search ads.
The challenge is work out what channel and which ads was involved in her purchasing decision.
Customer Journey is a purchasers’ journey tracking and analysis tool.

We track all the media, content or campaigns they have seen, and actions they have taken. This in total gives you a complete picture of what drives their purchasing decisions. Use this to refine your communication and campaign designs. Understanding the contents that directly lead a sales, will also help your content strategy and refine your ads campaigns.

Further more, when marry this with sales and revenue data, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns and the channels. You can optimise your media spend across different, knowing which channel is bring in and closing sale for you.