Actionable insights

Actionable Insights

Customer Journey is both business insights and marketing data.

Business insights are presented on Customer Journey dashboard, which summarize and analyse your purchasers’ digital journey.      It measures contributions by channels, campaigns, the role of re-targeting in all your conversions.
With the platform you can see trends, track key metrics, and drilldown by campaigns, a channels, product or even a single purchase.

Customer Journey is based on data driven attribution methodology. Customer Journey summary information are reconciled to GA, providing you with full confidence on your insights.
Unlike Google’s GA, however, you are no longer working with aggregated data. Customer Journey uses and reports on actual transaction data of clicks and impressions of a purchaser’s digital journey.

This is first party data. It is valuable to a business and should be owned by you.  The data can be imported into your CRM and sales reporting, product design, pricing model etc. You can use this to make more sophisticated product and campaign design decisions.

This data could also be used to more sophisticated acquisition campaigns. For example, it can be used in targeting, by using look-a-like audiences in Google Facebook and other DMP/advertiser networks.
Customer Journey provides actionable insight, with dashboard and targeting actionable data.