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#4    Engage with leads

Instagram requires all interactions to be conducted on the Instagram platform.

To engage with the account, click word [engage] or the icon or the name of the IG account.  This will open Instagram on your browser.    From here, you can review their feed, or engage with its content using Instagram.

Your objective is to make yourself known, and to connect with the account.  The best way to do this is to pay a compliment to, or comment on their content.  It is important to leave a genuine and relevant message.  This could be done by one of the followings

  • Comment on their most recent photo
  • Like the most recent photo
  • Comment on a photo in the past that is particularly relevant to your own page
  • Like a reply to a comment on their post
  • Comment on a reply that others have left on their post
  • Follow the account

Once you have opened Instagram, the Engage system marks this lead as already ‘engaged’.    The word [engage] will change from blue to grey.

All the ‘engaged’ leads will not appear on the list of leads, when on your next refresh.  This will help you to focus on new leads.

The system gives you an option to follow up leads you have Engaged.  Its reminder feature will automatically remind for you to review these leads in two (2) days.

Tips :   You can speed up your Engagement process with auto text replacement.   Use iOS auto text replacement to pre-record your regularly used responses and comments.       Once it is pasted into the comment, tailor this to fit the context of the photo or personalize it to your conversation.  Here is a short Youtube instruction video on text replacement.


 #5 Skip an account

Some accounts are not relevant for you.  You can simply click the [skip] button, on the right hand side, and this account will not appear on your list in the future.


#6   Search for your niche

You can further narrow down your search with the search and filter function. This allows you to work on the most relevant accounts and highest quality prospects first.

The ‘filter-by’ page gives you a number of search and filter options.  These included


Lead source

You can select the type of leads to process, by simply ticking the source type. For example, you may want give priority and dedicate more time on Comments in one session, and process leads from hashtags in another session.

Size of account

You can use the account size filter to find influencers or accounts within your sweet spot.  Enter the size of the followers or following you are looking for.   You can toggle between great than (>)  and less than (<) by clicking the   “>”  icon.

The followers/following ratio filter offers another useful tool.   When the account has more followers than followings, this ratio is greater than 1.0.   For example an account with 5309 followers and is following 403, the ratio is 13.2.     Any ratio of greater than 1.0, suggests that the account has grown organically.

Leads recency

By default the system show you leads extracted in the last 3 days.       You can adjust this simply by overwriting this number.


To find accounts in your niche, enter the words that describe your niche.  The system will select those accounts matching to any of the keywords in their Bio.

You can use multiple key words, by separating them with comma’s.  For example “email, collab, contact, .com” will select commercial accounts.    You can also switch between including or excluding these key words, by clicking on the [exclude] button.

Followers & private accounts

In some cases, you may want to work with your followers only.  In other cases you may want to spend more time with your non followers.  You can do this by selecting their following status.   Similarly, you can also filter out private accounts, by selecting [non-private] accounts.


Tips :   Once the filter is saved. It will update the leads page with your new filter settings.

Tips :   When you are ready to refresh the extract, click the [refresh] button on the top right.  Your filter setting will be applied to the new refreshed list.

Tips:    Initially, all the leads you have extracted are marked as new.   When you click the account photo to engage, the system will marked this lead as read.      Similarly those accounts that you skipped, has been marked as skipped.

When you refresh your leads, the platform will not show read or skipped accounts. However, you can still see these hidden accounts, if you check the read and skipped tick boxes on this filter page.


#7   set up follow up 

It may take a number of contacts from you, to build an ongoing relationship.   The system automatically set a reminder for all the Engagements you have made using the platform. These are listed in the reminder tab (the first tab with a bell icon). You can use this to continue with your outreach effort and reinforce your interest in these accounts.

The reminder list shows the

  • name of account,
  • bio,
  • account statistics,
  • original engagement date
  • reminder date
  • page this account has originally interacted with.

The reminders are shown with the new (fresh) reminders listed on the top.

From this reminder page you can choose one of three actions:

Dismiss – Skip this reminder by clicking  [dismiss] button on the right

Engage –  Further interact with the account by clicking the account name or the account icon.   When you have completed this engagement, you can add a new reminder.  Click the Bio, and it will open the detail page, and click on [new] on the top right.

Review – You can see the original engagement by clicking on the Bio.  This will open a new page, showing you the details of the last engagement.   At the bottom of that page, you will also find a history of your contacts with that account.


 A  90-mins work plan

Following a well-planned work schedule, will help you stay focused on the best quality leads, maximising your time investments.   For example your schedule may prioritize on Comments and Hashtags first, and leaving photo likes and page followers to a lower priority.

Here is an example of a 90 mins engagement schedule that breaks down your engagement tasks.

Priority           Source of leads                                                                             Mins

  1.                Comments on your and pages in your niche                         40
  2.                Likes from your page & others in your niche                        20
  3.                Hashtag account (pages posted with your hashtags)          20
  4.                Your new followers                                                                     10

To focus on the best lead, you would use key word to search in the bios, and account size filter to find optimal sized pages.

Tips :     We recommend that you start the engagement process when you have just posted your photo.

Tips :     Refresh the leads page every 30 mins, will ensure you stay on top of new in bound leads.


Further information

You can find a list of training video on the Engage platform here.