edapt datawarehouse view definition

edapt data warehouse view definition

#3     Workflow01 Student band growth Version 2

Added   Current band, Current PC correct,  Band movement as max minus min ,  Growth path,  Attendance, Special needs .  (Sep29, 2019)

SQL Syntax :

SELECT * FROM `vw_wk01_prfm_student_band_v2`

Expected results :

[wpdatatable id=26]



#2     Workflow01 Performance growth matrix

List current band (as performance)  and nett year-on-year band gaps (as growth) for each Student.

SQL Syntax :

SELECT * FROM vw_wk01_prfm_growth_v1 WHERE growth_id = 1001;

Expected results :

[wpdatatable id=24]

#1     Workflow01 Student band

List  band, band movement for each Student.

SQL Syntax :

SELECT * FROM `vw_wk01_prfm_student_band_v1`
WHERE school_id = ‘craigieburn’ AND student_current_year_level = ‘Year 9’ and student_id <> ‘XXX0012’

Expected results :

[wpdatatable id=25]