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Increase sales

Targeted campaign & tailored content
to match
a customer's journey.

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Optimize ad spend and reduce wastage
based on
conversion touch points.

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Maximize ROI

Improved targeting

Refine ad targeting
to match
interests and behaviour.

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Multi-channel attribution

Fully attribute cost to actual touch points in a customer’s purchase journey.  These may be native, video and display, search, social and email channels in the consideration phase of their journey.  Tailor ad spend to maximise marketing investment.

Conversion path

Track and measure the steps and sequence of each conversion path.  Analyse a sales journey by its conversion values, SKU or product category.   Refine campaign strategy and identify best fit product offers.

Offline conversion

Match offline sales with a customer’s online journey.  This unique ability allows you to measure digital’s role in in-store conversions, so that you can develop an integrated sales distribution strategy.

Content marketing

Analysis paid content consumed by customers that led to conversion.  Track and combine this with onsite visit history, giving you unparalleled insight on your content’s contribution to purchasing decisions.    Invest in and optimise content that drives conversions.

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    Multi-channel journey 

    Customer Journey analyse multi-channels in a sales journey.  It shows the roles of each channel, the channel sequence, average duration, time gaps, pages visited, product purchased conversion amount, discounts and other shipping details.    Use this to

    • refine campaign design
    • segment customers by interests shown in the journey
    • decide on best match offer or next purchase
    • increase conversions with retargeting
    • build sales funnel by finding similar audience
    • tailor content to maximize interests & site traffic

    Return on Ad Spend

    Customer Journey maximize your marketing return on investment by measuring the Return on Ad Spend of each channel.  The analysis is based on the observed digital touch points of customers in their purchasing journeys.   Costs and revenues are attributed based the actual customer impression, view, click and open activities.

    Apply a ‘what-if’ scenario, to determine your optimal spend.  With Customer Journey, you can measure channels’ sales contribution beyond the first or last click attribution model.   Use this to

    • refine campaign design
    • apply a ‘what-if’ model to re-balance campaign budget
    • refine programmatic settings in media buy
    • expand acquisition channel, to build sales funnel
    • reward partners and referrers based on true revenue contribution

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    Campaign targeting

    Customer Journey segments customers by their online behaviour.  This could be based on content consumed, product interests, length, frequency and sequence within their journey, and conversion value, life time value.  Use this to

    • Create high propensity remarketing list
    • Maximise retargeting on high potential customers
    • Integrate behaviour segment with your CRM as your first party data
    • Using high value customer as a for look-a-like targeting
    • Integrate data with other DMP or demand side platforms

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    Metrics and reports

    Actionable reports based on metrics that you can trust

    Customer Journey

    Duration, touch points, first contacts channel, recency, frequency, conversion  amount, SKU’s, product category, return/new customers, LTV, offline conversion.

    Content performance

    Campaign content, ad words clicked, video viewed, content downloaded or read that directly preceded a sales conversion.

    ROAS report

    A data driven ROAS model.  Ad Spend and revenue are allocated based on digital activities, content consumption, both paid and organic.   ROAS are calculated based on actual data – digital touch points and the roles it played on a customer’s purchase journey.

    Customer segments

    Customer segments are based on their product research, brand search, price comparison behaviour.  Segments can be used in automated remarketing or look-a-like templates in acquisition campaigns.

    Journeys last hr
    Average Display ROAS
    Avg hours in journey
    Average $ per conversion

    Insights from the industry

    What the industry say about revenue attribution in Customer Journey

    Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB

    IAB attribution hub . In this article, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) explains the benefits of multi-channel attribution as “ measuring which aspects of digital media campaigns are contributing most to campaign performance.”   It also provides a checklist on implementing ad campaign attribution for multi-channel, multi-touch business. [read article here]

    Facebook attribution

    Facebook attribution . Facebook attributes ad spend based on actions taken by users on its platform.  This guide is used to understand how these customer actions are reported on its platform. [read article here]

    Google attribution

    Google  The Last click model of ad revenue is the most widely used attribution model for advertisers.   In practice, it may skew ad spend towards channels in the lower part of the sales funnel.   This article from Ad Age explains the limitation of Last Click and plans Google has for…

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